Domotics: a smart home

Home automation is a reality and it covers almost every facet of housing. Find out how to apply domotics in your everyday living to to make your activities more efficient, and as a result, change significantly your consumption of electricity, gas or water.

The laundry room and how to enhance your tiny spaces

Small spaces that are beautiful and efficiently organized can have an important impact in the quality of life of its users. Here are some ideas to transform small spaces into the new focal points of your home.

Panelling to furnish (and decorate): the Boiserie

Very popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the boiserie is now having another chance thanks to an increasingly widespread use of it as a real piece of furniture. Find out the pros and cons with my help.

Light and design: Decorating with light

Light plays a fundamental role in Architecture: it is necessary for two reasons. The first is related to use, because it must meet precise needs of power, order and security of spaces; the second is aesthetic, it being the creator of atmosphere in places. Positioning the right light in the right place can make a difference. Let’s see together how to choose the right light.