All spaces require light and during nighttime, electricity is essential. Consequently, lamps have turn into an object that is ever present in our homes and, if used smartly, an item capable of decorating any space. As an architect, I can help you choose the perfect lighting fixtures for your spaces, the ones that will emphasize style while being functional and adjusted to your particular budget. Here are some fundamental notions that will help you choose the lamp (or lamps) that answer to your every need.

Christmas decorations: how to ornament your home

At this time of year, most of us are thinking about the upcoming holidays: Christmas and New Year. Preparing delicious food and buying gifts for our family and friends tend to make this period stressful, but one essential ingredient is, without a doubt, the choice of decorations that contributes to filling our spaces with magic. Here are some tips to turn your home into a cheerful, happy and festive version of itself!

The setting up of mirrors

The mirror is one of the most popular objects used for interior design. It can decorate, illuminate and create an illusion of more room. These are the key points that have to be carefully thought of when adding a mirror to your spaces.

Moving walls

Moving walls are flexibility at its best and they have become a reality in today’s architecture, not only on the big scale but also in tiny houses. Thanks to the technology available nowadays, it is possible to create spaces that shift according to your particular requirements: the chance to change rooms instantly and adapt them to specific needs is just one touch away. Let me give you the tips and secrets of this wonderful new world.

The kitchen: decisions with no mistakes

When renovating a kitchen, the entire look that has to be balanced and striking, with features that combine successfully and enhance each other. After all, this space is the heart of the house and a lot of time is spent while cooking, so it should be thought of as a major area. Let me introduce you to the many characteristics that comprise a kitchen as an ensemble, each of which you will have to think upon in order to achieve the space you are looking for.

Decorating with various styles (Mix and Match)

Choosing the appropriate style for our spaces is not always an easy task. Mixing and matching is an exciting way to bring beauty and spice to otherwise plain spaces. This approach can easily change a room and give it the new feel that you are looking for. I will be happy to share the secrets with you and guide you in mixing and matching all those fashions that have stolen your heart.

DAILY READING: Architecture without architects

Vernacular architecture represents a particular group and its particular location through the construction of habitat in the same way that has always been done. Its increasing use might be the key to solving some of the main disadvantages of traditional construction, which range from the lack of understanding of local resources to the divergence from sustainability. I can guide you into the curious and amazing secrets of this interesting topic.

How to pick the perfect home

Choosing the right home is not something to take lightly and it requires a lot of attention, from the big decisions to the tiniest detail. As an architect, I am fully qualified to assist you in buying the place you will be calling home for the following years and I can help you realize the true potential of each option.

En suite bathroom: pros and cons

It is very common in contemporary architecture to find en suite bathrooms in all types of houses as it has turn into a widely used feature that follows trends, increases comfort and adds value. Let me help you understand the rights and the wrongs regarding en suite bathrooms.

Domotics: a smart home

Home automation is a reality and it covers almost every facet of housing. Find out how to apply domotics in your everyday living to to make your activities more efficient, and as a result, change significantly your consumption of electricity, gas or water.

The laundry room and how to enhance your tiny spaces

Small spaces that are beautiful and efficiently organized can have an important impact in the quality of life of its users. Here are some ideas to transform small spaces into the new focal points of your home.

Panelling to furnish (and decorate): the Boiserie

Very popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the boiserie is now having another chance thanks to an increasingly widespread use of it as a real piece of furniture. Find out the pros and cons with my help.